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A supercharged good morning: the right breakfast to kickstart your day

Our delightful buffet breakfast at Hotel Rosemarie is a true feast of flavors and aromas that will set the perfect tone for your day. You can indulge your palate with a selection of fresh and fragrant croissants, freshly baked cakes, and carefully prepared cookies. You'll find a diverse choice of aromatic teas that will help you wake up in the best way, and of course, coffee is also available.

For those who prefer a lighter start to the day, we offer a wide range of cereals and yogurt, enriched with fresh fruit and delicious syrups. Lovers of traditional flavors won't be disappointed: we offer a selection of fresh cheeses and cold cuts, perfect to pair with different types of fresh bread.

And for those who desire a touch of freshness, we provide a variety of seasonal fruits and much more.

Our breakfast buffet is a true celebration of the senses and a delightful way to begin the day during your stay at Hotel Rosemarie. Enjoy your meal!

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